Breathing exercises to lose weight - easy and quick

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There are quite a few overweight people, and most of them want to be in good shape and in excellent health. Breathing exercises are a way to lose weight without spending a lot of time and effort.

Miracles do not happen: in order for these extra pounds to disappear, you need to burn the calories from food and process them both with physical exercises for weight loss, and with various cosmetic procedures: taking baths with essential oils or making effective packs with various components, paprika, clay, Chocolate. Breathing exercises for weight loss are much easier than running or weight training. It can be done by both healthy people and people with certain diseases. Before starting to carry out certain complexes, it is worth consulting your doctor. Exercise is contraindicated or used under medical supervision:

  • with spinal injuries;
  • Bleeding;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems;
  • during pregnancy and while feeding.
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Active breathing effect

Oxygen plays an important role in the metabolic processes of a healthy person: it participates in the oxidation of various compounds that ensure energy production. Over the years, the oxygen levels in the atmosphere slowly decrease due to pollution and climate change. People's lifestyles change, they move less, their breathing becomes shallow and frequent. Because of these factors, the amount of oxygen in the blood of a modern person is reduced. Logical order:

  • increased fatigue;
  • Decrease in the speed of metabolic processes;
  • Shortness of breath and palpitations during exercise;
  • decreased immunity.

Take a little test: take a watch that shows the seconds, exhale, and measure the amount of time you can hold your breath. Now take a few quick deep breaths. Be careful not to get dizzy. Exhale again, hold your breath, and measure the time before you inhale. After active breathing, the result is 2, sometimes 3-4 times more. This proves that deep breathing quickly oxygenates the blood. Breathing exercises for weight loss are complex:

  • Improvement in metabolism: food is digested better, fat is not deposited, fatty tissue is broken down more quickly;
  • Increase in energy production;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improve mood and sleep.

Thousands of people around the world have already got rid of excess fat through breathing exercises. The effects of the application will be felt in 1-2 weeks. This is the minimum duration. If you practice for a long time, a year, or several years, even diseases will go away.

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Types of breathing exercises for weight loss

Popular complexes of respiratory gymnastics:

  • Body flex;
  • Oxycase;
  • Qigong (Jiangfei);
  • Pranayama.

Performing breathing exercises for weight loss takes 2-3 to 15 minutes a day. While the exercises are unfamiliar, the time is spent longer, up to 40-60 minutes. The main thing is to inhale and exhale correctly. The effectiveness of the exercise depends on the technique.

Body flex

Bodyflex breathing exercises for weight loss were developed by Childers Greer. After the birth of three children, the dress size increased to 56 instead of 44. At 53 she was able to regain her beautiful figure. Childers did breathing exercises performed by a young girl and the class lasted 40-60 minutes. I had to come up with a series of exercises that don't take much time (and mothers don't) that will help you lose weight at any age.

The basis is aerobic breathing:

  • calm exhalation through the mouth;
  • a sharp breath through the nose (as completely as possible, filling both the chest and abdomen);
  • a sharp exhalation through the mouth with the diaphragm, that is, from the bottom up;
  • Hold your breath and pull in your stomach.

As you exhale, you need to take a static pose and hold it for a few seconds. Fat is actively burned in the muscle tension zone. Tension is achieved through stretching or strong force. The abdomen is pulled back as far as possible. It just rolls under the ribs. Such an unusual "massage" reduces the size of the stomach after a while. The bottom line is that saturation is faster.

It is not difficult to master phased breathing, and the complex of breathing exercises is put together taking into account individual characteristics. They must be done on an empty stomach, otherwise all of the oxygen will be used to digest food and not burn fat.

Any pose for holding your breath can be assumed, even if it is not included in the standard Bodyflex set. If the area is burdened with excess adipose tissue, the exercise is suitable. What is described in the annex does not necessarily suit everyone. Some positions will be awkward or uncomfortable and will have to be given up.

The complex includes 2 exercises for tightening the facial muscles and 2 to 5 exercises for the chest strap, waist, hips and legs.

"Lion" and "ugly grimace" train the facial and chest muscles. Run 3-5 times. The result of training is that sagging cheeks and double chins go away.

"Diamond" and "Side Stretch" tighten the arm and chest muscles. Do the diamond 3-5 times, stretching 3 in each direction.

Breathing exercises to lose weight are particularly useful for women after pregnancy and childbirth. Until the body has fully recovered, physical activity must be carefully exercised. Two to three exercises 1-2 times a day on the abdominal muscles are sufficient. Light exercises - "dollar" and "cat". Then you can do the "belly press" and the "scissors".

Exercise "dollar" - after holding your breath and pulling in your stomach, place one hand on the back of your head (bend), bend the other and place it on your belt. Bend your waist so that the pose is similar to $, that is, place your torso sideways to the side of your hand against your head and your hips upside down. Do it three times in each direction. Do "Cat", "Scissors" and "Belly Press" three times.

For slim thighs and legs - pretzels, hamstrings, back of legs, Seiko and dinghy. Exercises that need to be done three times in each direction, with the exception of the hollow of the knee - it's only three times.

Breathing exercises for the singer

The complex of breathing exercises according to the methods of the famous singer was originally developed for medical purposes to restore the voice. It happened in the 30's, but exercises are still popular. Sharp short sighs are made with a compressed chest.


Oxisize breathing exercises are very similar to body flexion. However, there are no sudden inhalations and exhalations, the exercises are gentler, so there are fewer contraindications.

Qigong (Jiangfei)

Jiangfei - Chinese Way to Lose Fat. These are 3 breath qigong exercises. The method is more meditative. It is not only necessary to breathe properly, but also to tune in spiritually.


You can also solve the problem of obesity with the help of the exercises of the yoga system. Here, too, breathing helps you concentrate, direct energy in the right direction and get rid of anything superfluous.

General rules for performing breathing exercises

In order for weight loss breathing exercises to give a result, you need:

  • do them regularly;
  • do not drop out of classes for a long time;
  • maintain a positive and calm demeanor;
  • provide fresh air during class, ideally - to do breathing exercises for weight loss in nature.

If you follow all the rules, your health will improve and the extra pounds will go away! Beyond gymnastics, indulge yourself in aromatherapy sessions and enjoy life in all its forms!

the girl is happy about losing weight with the help of breathing exercises

Many people dream of getting slim and fit. Do not dream - act now! Try it, breathe, learn different techniques, read reviews of breathing exercises, and get rid of excess fat. A beautiful figure will be everyone's reward!